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Twitter Introduces ‘You Both Follow’ Feature

August 14, 2010

Today, in the morning, when I signed in to my twitter account, I saw a tweet that said, “twitter has launched the much awaited ‘You Both Follow’ feature.” On the July 19th, I had written a post ‘You Both Follow’ Feature soon on Twitter. At that time Twitter was testing this feature by giving the facility to mere 10% of the total no. of twitter users. Today, it seems, many of the twitter users have said that they have the feature enabled on their account though it is still not confirmed if the feature is enabled on everyone’s account. Leading Tech website Mashable in a post says:

It appears the “You Both Follow” feature that Twitter started testing back in June is now being rolled out to more (if not all) users.
What is ‘You Both Follow’:
I am sure every one knows about the mutual friend feature on facebook. “You Both Follow’ is the same feature on twitter. When you go to some one’s profile, you can see this feature on the sidebar on the right. The feature is just above the ‘following’ feature. You can click on the view all… to view all the people you both follow.

This how the feature looks.

The twitter world is also abuzz discussing the topic. While some are excited to use this new feature on twitter, many are not happy with it as they feel twitter shouldn’t copy features from facebook. In fact, a few days ago, twitter rolled out the ‘Who to Follow’ feature that suggest you to follow some one, exactly like the ‘People You May Know’ feature on facebook.

As people see twitter as a path breaking and totally innovative social networking website, they don’t like such features being copied from another website. Well, have you used the feature? Do you like it? Express your views in the comments section.


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