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Rupee gets its symbol

The symbol for the Indian Rupee with its designerNow Indian currency Rupees has its own symbol and now it is easy to distinguish between Indian Rupees from the Sri Lankan, Nepali, Pakistani Rupees. Now Indian Rupees gets its unique position in the global economy. The picture on the left is the symbol along with its designer D Udaya Kumar who is a post graduate from IIT.

The symbol is the fusion of Devnageri ‘Ra’ and English ‘R’. The 2 horizontal lines symbolizes the Indian National Flag. The 2 lines also stands for ‘mathematical equivalence’ that is the ‘equal’ function.

Udaya had sent the design to the ministry of finance as part of the competition organised by the ministry to get a symbol for the Indian currency. The prize money for the competition was Rs 2.5 lakh.

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[Image Courtesy: Indian Express]

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Why A New Blog?

Those who know me, must be aware of my other blog THE NEW DIMENSION where i often post on topics related to politics and social trends. Blogging has been a nice journey so far and i will continue to blog and gain experience. This time i am expanding my limits and will post on topics not related to politics. Posts on politics along with posts on all other topics will be posted here, on Open Up. Hope you will continue the journey with me.

Thank You.

P.S. The New Dimensions will continue to publish my socio-political blogs.

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